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Mr. Mike Neugebauer

C.Ped (C), Pedorthist Langley, BC

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Mike Neugebauer is a Certified Pedorthist at Paris Orthotics.

Making Foot Orthotics

Mike Neugebauer, C.Ped (C), discusses how Making Foot Orthotics

Well three methods of creating a foot orthotic is we have one method which is a two-dimensional image process that takes the pressure analysis of the bottom of the foot.

The second would be the foam impression technique, which the foot is pressed into a foam box to create that mold of the foot.

Well the gold standard casting technique is with a plaster cast. With the plaster cast we’re able to achieve a three-dimensional image of the foot structure, which allows us to then create a three-dimensional mold of the foot.

When we take the impression of the foot, we can mark bony landmarks and we can position the foot in such a way that it’s in a neutral position, so we can capture that to then provide the cast to produce a quality custom foot orthotic.

If you think you need a custom foot orthotic, you would want to go to your family physician, your physiotherapist or your chiropractor, who can then refer you to a pedorthist.

Presenter: Mr. Mike Neugebauer, Pedorthist, Langley, BC

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