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  • Dislocated Knee

    A dislocated knee occurs when the position of the thighbone relative to the shinbone becomes disrupted at the knee joint. It can happen through trauma to your leg, like from falls, sports injuries, and car accidents.

  • What is a Multi-Ligament Knee Injury or 'Dislocated Knee'

    Dislocated Knee’ Multi-ligament knee injury of the knee is also known or defined as a knee dislocation. If we look at a knee model, from the front, this is your kneecap, your femur or thigh bone, your tibia or shin bone.


    The lateral or outside part of the knee, you’ve got the lateral collateral ligament. On the medial on inside part of the knee, is the medial collateral ligament. On the back of the knee you’ve got your posterior cruciate ligament.

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