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Dr. Bert Perey, MD, FRCPC, Orthopedic Surgeon , discusses tennis elbow symptoms and treatment including surgical options.

There are numerous treatment options for tennis elbow. The problem is not many of them work well, and we really don’t have a solid treatment that can reliably get rid of the problem in an expeditious way.

Unfortunately, many patients with this condition will have it for a prolonged period of time. The good news is that with or without treatment, the natural course of this disease is to spontaneously go away. It may take several years in some patients, but it usually goes away. Orthopedics Now Patient Communication System

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Dr. Grant Lum, MD, CCFP, Dip Sports Med, Sports Medicine Physician discusses why golf Injuries are common and how you can prevent them }

Most people consider golf to be a pretty safe sport, but in fact there are lots of injuries associated with it.

One of the reasons for that is there are lots of people who play golf maybe once a week. They aren't really doing a lot of physical activity in between their times when they go out and play. And as a consequence they probably have lots of tightness in their muscles. They're not really prepared for their activity.

Dr. Jordan Leith, MD, MHSc, FRCSC , discusses What is a Meniscus Tear Knee Injury

Meniscus injury is an injury to the meniscus cartilage of the knee. Some people refer to it just as cartilage.

But the meniscus are two C-shaped cushions within the knee that help shock absorb the joint cartilage of the knee. And I can show you on a knee model, this is a knee looking at the front of the knee, this is the kneecap.

This is your thigh bone, and your shin bone. And as you can see, inside the knee, the meniscus cartilage can easily be seen. You’ve got your medial meniscus. You’ve got your lateral meniscus. Orthopedics Now Patient Communication System

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