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  • Shoulder Exercises

    Shoulder exercises can range from a shoulder flies to shoulder press exercises. Shoulder exercises can be done individually or as a pair. Shoulder exercises for good for back and neck strenght.

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    <p><a href="https://www.healthchoicesfirst.com/practitioner-type/kinesiologist">Kinesiologist</a>&nbsp; discusses standing side shoulder flies to build strength.</p>

    Kinesiologist  discusses standing side shoulder flies to build strength.

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    <p><a href="https://www.healthchoicesfirst.com/practitioner-type/kinesiologist">&nbsp;Kinesiologist</a>&nbsp; discusses standing shoulder dumbbell press strength exercises.</p>

     Kinesiologist  discusses standing shoulder dumbbell press strength exercises.

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    <p>Jackson Sayers, B.Sc. ( <a href="https://physiotherapy-now.com/local/local-kinesiologists">Kinesiologist </a>), discusses standing shoulder shrugs to build strength.</p>

    Jackson Sayers, B.Sc. ( Kinesiologist ), discusses standing shoulder shrugs to build strength.

  • Shoulder Exercises With Standing Side Flies

    Standing shoulder flies to the side revolve around that same pelvic position.

    Get it nice and square, suck your stomach in, get your chest nice and high, and once you get that nice strong pelvis position, get the weight to the side and simple take it up to about 90 degrees.  Often seeing a local family physician or a physiotherapist in conjunction with a registered dietitian and athletic therapist is a great option to take control of this condition. Smart Food Now and exercise is also optominal for overall health. 

    You can either do one arm at a time or you can do two arms together. And you always wanna be thinking about picking a weight that you can do anywhere between 10 to 20 reps at a time, and you can do it once a day or once every other day.

    But remember with shoulder flies, you wanna be always very, very careful of your shoulders so don’t grip the weight too tight, have a nice loose grip on the hands. And what that’ll really allow you to use is the upper shoulder muscle instead of using your wrist and your hand.

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  • Standing Shoulder Shrugs

    Standing shoulder shrugs once again revolve getting the pelvis into a good solid position so get that bum back, bend those knees. And from there, we almost wanna be thinking about having the weight loosely in our hands and dropping down through the shoulders. Once we get that nice position from a down position, then we start thinking about coming up. And we wanna be using our upper shoulder, upper back muscles to get that shoulder nice and high and nice and down. It’s a very effective exercise group when you’re thinking about loosening up your neck. So you go up and down, nice and steady.

    And the thing to always remember about when you’re doing shoulder shrugs is if you keep you hands nice and loose and you don’t grip the dumbbell very tightly, then you’re gonna be in a much better position to actually, to use your back muscles. So it’s up and down, nice and steady, 10 to 15 reps, and remember loose hands. Local Physiotherapist

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