Mariana Paz

Registered Physiotherapist Thornhill, ON

Suite Number 258, 7181 Yonge Street,
L3T 0C7.

Mariana Paz, Physiotherapist, Thornhill, ON BIO:

Mariana received her Honours B.A. at the University of Toronto and her Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy at Queen’s University. Since graduating from Queen’s in 2011, Mariana’s post-graduate studies include The McKenzie Method- Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, Post- Concussion Management, Acupuncture, Kinesiotaping, and Chronic Pain Management. Mariana’s clinical experience ranges from treating simple acute injuries to complex and chronic injuries and conditions. Her approach is accurate diagnosing of orthopedic conditions, hands-on treatment and developing active treatment programs. Mariana strives to expertly manage and prevent injuries through mechanical medicine and active rehabilitation. Mariana has great success in resolving lower back and neck injuries as well as rotator cuff and meniscal injuries. Mariana aims to provide her long-term solutions for their joint pain.

We are happy that you have landed here! You are one step closer to feeling better and having control over any orthopedic problem that may be ailing you and holding you back from life. At MECH, we are committed to providing our patients with expert advice that will lead to long lasting pain relief and a recovery of movement and function. Pain can have a negative impact in many areas of life- pain at work makes the day longer, pain at home makes the household chores harder, and pain while exercising is just discouraging! We are determined to help you relieve your pain and make daily tasks and endeavors easy and enjoyable again


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