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Dr. Rosty Serebryany graduated from CMCC in 2005 and has been practicing full-time at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine in downtown Toronto since 2007. Dr. Serebryany has a strong focus on sports and performing arts related injuries, having been a former national team gymnast for Canada and coach in Toronto. He is also a running enthusiast who offers individualized evaluation of running mechanics and provides appropriate treatment for injured runners.

Dr. Rosty Serebryany provides chiropractic care, Active Release Technique, clinical acupuncture, Graston technique, Kinesiotape and preventative medicine to a patient population that includes amateur athletes, sports enthusiasts and medical professionals. Dr. Serebryany also routinely presents on a variety of chiropractic topics across the city of Toronto.

A Chiropractor's Role In The Treatment of Whiplash

Dr. Rosty Serebryany, B.S, (Sp.Hons), D.C., Chiropractor, discusses whiplash due to a motor vehicle accident symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Shoulder and Neck Pain at the Workstation

Rosty Serebryany, B.S, (Sp.Hons), D.C., Chiropractor, discusses neck pain due to incorrect posture from sitting at an office desk.

When you get into a car accident, one of the major injuries is whiplash disorder, and some of the injuries that are associated with a whiplash include the back and the shoulders.

What happens is your soft tissues are put through too great a stretch and too much force is put through them in a very short time. You can see a chiropractor about these injuries because of the examination techniques and the treatment techniques that will help to return the tissues to normal length as well as reduce pain and inflammation following an accident.

But as well rehabilitation strengthening is important, and that’s a case where maybe you’ll be shown some exercises, you’ll be shown some preventative measures for future injuries, and some postural exercises as well.

To help minimize the effects of a car accident, three points you want to remember is to always wear your seatbelt. As well, you want to properly position the headrest of your seat to minimize the impact force, and generally you want some cardiovascular, some stabilization exercises, which are good for life anyway for your neck and your shoulders.

Following a motor vehicle accident, you can see a chiropractor as a primary care contact person, and what they would do is assess you for a specific injury. They can also then recommend possible treatments and possibly other practitioners that will help to keep you along the path to better health and to recover.

Some of the techniques would include acupuncture, massage, you can even do exercise therapy, you can see a personal trainer, and if it’s very serious, then a chiropractor will refer you to a medical doctor to assess those types of injuries.

The best thing to do is to contact your chiropractor. A full examination would allow the chiropractor to see what is the problem and then apply the techniques to fix it and put you on a path to better health.

Presenter: Dr. Rosty Serebryany, Chiropractor, Toronto, ON

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