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Rosty Serebryany, B.S, (Sp.Hons), D.C., Chiropractor, discusses neck pain due to incorrect posture from sitting at an office desk.

When you’re in an office setting in front of your computer, a lot of problems that arise are in your neck and your shoulders and your back.

So posture becomes a big part of your daily experience at the computer. You want to stay tall; you want to keep your back straight; you want to lean back against the chair and keep your shoulders back. Basically think tall in front of the computer screen, and you can avoid neck, shoulder, and back pain.

Often they hunch their shoulders forward, they jut their chin towards the screen, they basically hunch forward and roll their back. They get away from the back of the chair. They create space between their low back and the back of the chair and that causes a lot of discomfort.

When sitting at a desk and we’re out of position, there’s a lot of excessive force put through the neck and through the back. This force causes a pull on the muscles and a pull on the joint.

So your muscles try to push you back, but they can’t because of your position, and because of gravity, and the forces of sitting causes a lot of pain and over a long term period causes a lot of dysfunction.

A chiropractor can help with neck pain and low back pain by stretches the muscles, showing postural corrections, education, working on the muscles to stretch them out, and then of course a chiropractic adjustment, which will help with range of motion and free some stress from the muscle and joints. Local Physiotherapists

If you’re experiencing neck pain, the best thing to do is to contact your chiropractor. Full examination would allow the chiropractor to see what is the problem and then apply the techniques to fix it and put you on a path to better health.

Presenter: Dr. Rosty Serebryany, Chiropractor, Toronto, ON

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Dr. Rosty Serebryany graduated from CMCC in 2005 and has been practicing full-time at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine in downtown Toronto since 2007. Dr. Serebryany has a strong focus on sports and performing arts related injuries, having been a former national team gymnast for Canada and coach in Toronto. He is also a running enthusiast who offers individualized evaluation of running mechanics and provides appropriate treatment for injured runners.

Dr. Rosty Serebryany provides chiropractic care, Active Release Technique, clinical acupuncture, Graston technique, Kinesiotape and preventative medicine to a patient population that includes amateur athletes, sports enthusiasts and medical professionals. Dr. Serebryany also routinely presents on a variety of chiropractic topics across the city of Toronto.

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