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Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician, Toronto , Ontario is a 1992 graduate of the University of Toronto. He is accredited in Family Medicine, and also holds the Diploma in Sport Medicine. Dr Grant Lum. Sports Medicine Physician Toronto , Ontario is the medical director of Athletic Edge Sports Medicine Centres.

Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician,Toronto , Ontario is a Lecturer at the University of Toronto, in the Faculty of Medicine, teaching sports medicine. Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician, Toronto , Ontario is the medical director of the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program at George Brown College, and is also the varsity team physician for George Brown College.

Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician, Toronto , Ontario is the Team Physician for the National Squash Team, and is a consultant for the NHL Players’ Association, and was recently appointed to the National Hockey League’s Second Opinion Group. Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician ,Toronto , Ontario also provides second opinions for the Canadian Football League in their Neutral Physician Program.

Dr Grant Lum ,Sports Medicine Physician, Toronto , Ontario has worked extensively with the Performing Arts Community. Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician, Toronto , Ontario is an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in the Department of Dance at York. Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician Toronto , Ontario was the Toronto physician for three Cirque du Soleil productions, and has worked with performers from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Opera Company, and shows including Fame, Rent, The Lion King, Miss Saigon, and Chicago. Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician Toronto , Ontario has been a consultant for Sienna Films and Disney. He works closely with National Ballet School and Toronto Dance Theatre, as well as Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre and Ballet Jurgen.

Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician Toronto , Ontario has appeared many times in print, on radio and on television. He has been interviewed by: Canadian Press, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Medical Post, Healthwatch Magazine, and Healthwise Magazine. Dr Grant Lum, Sports Medicine Physician Toronto , Ontario has appeared on: Life Network’s Diagnosis MD, TSN’s Off The Record, CTV’s The Chatroom, CTV’s Balance, The Score, and CBC and CTV News.

Patellofemoral Syndrome - A Common Knee Condition

Dr. Grant Lum, MD, CCFP, Dip Sports Med, Sports Medicine Physician, discusses patellofemoral syndrome, diagnosis and common treatment options.

Most people think of osteoarthritis of the knee as a problem of just older people. But in fact, if people have had injuries to the knee, this can lead to very early onset osteoarthritis.

Patients in their 30s, even 20s, may have developed arthritis as a consequence of childhood injuries. Arthritis by definition means damage to the cartilage and the joint, so looking at a knee joint, if we think about the knee as divided into three different compartments, it’s made up of the medial, the lateral, and what’s called the patellofemoral compartment.

These are the three different working surfaces of the knee where there’s cartilage. The cartilage is there to decrease the friction that occurs as components are moving across one another, which functions kind of like Teflon. So the purpose of that cartilage is to allow smooth movement of the different parts of the knee against one another.

When the cartilage breaks down as those surfaces are moving, they’re going to create friction essentially and inflammation, and that’s what leads to pain and swelling.

You can treat osteoarthritis with a number of different types of treatment: one, physiotherapy to work on the muscles around the knee. If you think of the knee like a shock absorber and the muscles like a spring, the stronger that spring is the less force is being applied to the actual inside of the joint.

Two, you can have things like anti-inflammatories or other pain medications. Three, cortisone injection into the joint – that’s quite good for reducing inflammation. Fou, something called viscosupplementation.

This is a protein that’s synthesized in the laboratory and then injected into the knee. It’s the same protein that’s meant to be in the knee in the first place, so it’s the same analogous substance to the protein you actually have in your knee.

But by boosting up that protein content, we increase the viscosity of the fluid in the joint, and that actually cushions the inside of the knee better.

The last treatment would be something like surgery. So in patients where there is substantial breakdown of the joint, we can replace those joint surfaces.

If you think you have knee osteoarthritis or you have other questions, you could consult your family physician, and you may be referred to a physiotherapist, a sports medicine physician or an orthopedic surgeon.

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